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Viewers comments


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The response to the Gravity Hill has been overwhelming.
Here are just some of the comments received...... 

The Gravity Hill at Moonbi NSW Australia.

Great! I visited the Gravity Hill. I just can't beleive it: Sue
I haven't tried the hill yet it sounds like a lot of excersise to me (I'm Lazy) : Vic
Perth has a similar Hill, will let you know the name of it : Ruth
Be careful! If you use too much water on the hill you will wear out the magnetism : Henk
I have lived in Moonbi all my life and never knew the Gravity Hill existed. It is wonderful! I will be taking all my visitors up to show it off : Geoff
I have been a science teacher for 30 years and I can assure you that water does not run up hill. I haven't been to the Gravity Hill yet, but I will: Neil
My spirit level must be broken : Eric
There is another one in Victoria called the "Bloody Hill" near where Picnic at Hanging Rock was filmed : Ron
Do you think that it is the same reason that it seems to be quicker to go from Sydney to Brisbane than it does from Brisbane to Sydney? I drive quicker from Darwin to Brisbane that I do from Brisbane to Darwin. I will try the Gravity Hill out at Moonbi when I next go through : Glenn
I experienced another Gravity Hill called "The Electric Brae" at Ayre in Scotland : Mary
What a surprise. I visited the Moonbi Gravity Hill to Poo Poo the whole thing. It works! Why? : Albert

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