The Gravity Hill at Moonbi NSW Australia.
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Moonbi in New South Wales, Australia has:

An Amazing Hill that Defies Gravity.


While visiting Tamworth for the Country Music Festival in January or at any time during the year, take a 20 minute drive North along the New England Highway to experience this incredible phenomenon. 


When you reach the little village of Moonbi, please note your mileage. Travel exactly 6km to the road  which turns right at the foot of the Moonbi Park Lookout road on the Moonbi Ranges. It is a small road that connects the North going traffic lane with the South going traffic lane. With caution, position your car at a point nearest the South bound lane and put your car in neutral and take your foot off the brake. Experience the thrill of your car not only climbing the hill by itself, but gaining speed as it does it.

Please take care. Watch out for other traffic and make sure you stop before your car rolls on to the North bound lane.

Take a bucket of water with you and pour it on the road. Wonder at the sight of water running uphill.

Keep this exciting spot to yourself. Let it be yours and my secret.


It is known to the locals as Moonbi's Gravity Hill.


 If you think this is a One Off check http//  

or use the search engine "Google" and search for "Gravity Hills"


You may be surprised!



I have just discovered that if you turn sharp left on the Lookout road, there is another Gravity Hill there.
Simply put your car facing towards the lookout and see how far your car coasts up the hill.
When you get to the top of its run, get out and have a look at the hill behind you. There is no doubt that your car runs uphill from the intersection of the South Bound lane to the spot you now stand!

The members of the Kootingal Economic and Social Development Committee (KESDC) are excited that you are visiting this web site. Perhaps you might even get the opportunity to visit our village while you are in the vicinity.
Kootingal is situated just off the New England Highway and there are friendly people always ready to greet you.

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Demonstrating that water can run uphill.

Here I am trying it out.

Please let me know when
you have visited our
Gravity Hill, or perhaps you
know of another one.
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Geoffrey & Michael check it out with a spirit level